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Knives by Lionel Frampton

For the past two and a half million years, man has turned to his trusty knife to help him in his quest for survival. In today's world, little has changed. When you need to turn to a knife that you can depend on, turn to a knife made by Frampton Handcrafted Knives.

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Frampton Knives

Lionel Frampton's knives are individually crafted out of the highest quality carbon steel resulting in a product that is practical, strong and built to last. Each knife comes with a custom made sheath that has been hand stitched from the finest available leather resulting in a sheath that is perfectly suited to your knife.

In addition to knives designed for the bush and home, Frampton Handcrafted Knives also produces a large range of other goods including axes, powder horns, rum horns, belts, gun holsters and gun leather.

Real Knives for Real Men
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